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RTQC Volunteer Rich Craddick Recognized
as one of WHBF Local 4's Finest

Rich Craddick was recently recognized by WHBF Local 4 television station as a Local 4's Finest. The Local 4's Finest program recognizes extraordinary people for doing extraordinary things. RTQC cannot agree more with this description of the work that Rich does on behalf of our organization.

Rich Craddick has been making an impact in the QCA for more than 20 years. He has been a volunteer house captain for Rebuilding Together Quad Cities (RTQC) since 1994. In this capacity, he usually oversees one of the larger projects on each of RTQC's major workdays in the Spring and Fall.

Rich also volunteers for RTQC projects throughout the year. Some of these projects are also very involved and often take multiple evenings and weekends to complete. The homeowners that Rich serves has nothing but positive things to say about the work Rich does and the care and professionalism with which he does it. Rich sums up the work he does as part of RTQC as follows..."

"I'm just donating a few hours of my time on a yearly basis. We've got hundreds of volunteers within our organization doing what I'm doing and I guess we all take pride in the community which we live in."

Steve Barton, Executive Director of Rebuilding Together Quad Cities, describes Rich's work as follows: "Invariably, people are ecstatic with the work he does and he's concerned about the homeowner," says Barton. "He wants to do the best job possible for them and he makes a big difference in people's lives."

Rich also serves on the RTQC Board of Directors and has previously served as its President. He is also a member of the RTQC Applications and Projects Review Committee, that group that helps determine which projects RTQC can take on based upon need as well as the funding and skills of the volunteers available.

During the interview with WHBF (click here to watch), Rich issued a call to action to others in the community...

"Each of us should find a few hours in their schedule every week to help."

If you are feeling inspired by Rich's call to action and believe everyone deserve to live in a safe and healthy home, check out our Volunteer page, or Contact RTQC to learn how you can get involved.

RTQC would like to thank WHBF for recognizing Rich for the work he does with RTQC by naming him as one of Local 4's Finest! In addition to the work that Rich does with RTQC, he is also very active in the Jaycees of the Quad Cities.

Rich, thank you for all that you do to
make a difference in our community.