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Augustana Students and John Deere Build
Life Changing Wheelchair Ramp

Chris Glaub approached RTQC inquiring about the possibility of having a wheelchair ramp constructured. Prior to the ramp, whenever he left the house, he had a fairly difficult routine of getting out of his indoor wheel chair and use a walker for a 25 foot walk to the garage.

Several John Deere retirees and students from Augustana College worked together to build a ramp. Although RTQC has installed dozens of ramps, this one was a particular challenge because of the height of the front door and uneven yard.

As the pictures show, the ramp turned out great. Even more important was the impact that we were able to have helping Chris to maintain his independence as described and excerpted below in his own words.

I want to express to Rebuilding Together my heart felt thanks! The beautiful deck/ramp that the John Deere retirement group built for me was second to none. The architectural design was perfectly performed. Not only did they overcome the unusual height requirements but the size limitations that they had to deal with were extraordinary.

I have attached some pictures but in no way do they show what this ramp/deck has done for my life. Now I do not face that 25 foot walk with my walker to the garage to get in my vehicle to go to the doctor or just run errands what this has done for my independence is over the mountain. Even though my indoor chair is not made for rough terrain but the scooter that I have is it is so nice to be able to drive my indoor chair unmolested to get onto outdoor scooter to remain independent.

I cannot tell you the expertise with which Chris, Mike, Ray and the overwhelming group of volunteers [from Augustana] that they had help them. Not only [Chris's, Mike's, and Ray's] management of inexperienced workers teach them the system but the expertise with which they went at the task at hand. Not only were they professional, they were very caring about my situation and property. For a few short days, they actually felt like family.

I want to thank Rebuilding Together for extending my life and independence!