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RTQC and Wells Fargo Give Peace of Mind
to Rock Island Homeowner

Swayzine, a 78-year-old widow has lived in her home for 30 years. She recently developed significant health issues which significantly impacted her ability to do routine upkeep of the property. Due to her fixed income, the costs of repairs were prohibitive.

Swayzine asked RTQC to “please give me peace of mind and a safe place to live.”

Significant water damage from a roof leak required repair and replacement of items in the kitchen, living room, and bedroom areas. The porch, Swayzine’s favorite place, was restored. A storm door on the back had been damaged and created a significant safety issue. That was replaced.

Funds for this project came from a $15,000 Wells Fargo Foundation Safe & Healthy Housing grant. Volunteer heroes from John Deere and Wells Fargo Bank performed ceiling repairs, carpentry work, light electrical work, plumbing, and painting over a couple of weekends. The project restored Swayzine’s energy and outlook -- so much so that she decided to tackle painting her kitchen on her own.

Thank you Rock Island Dispatch for covering her story.